From Coal Dust to Diamonds 

synopsis of the book

Being born in a poor mining town on the outskirts of Doncaster doesn't evoke the thought of glitz and glamour. Debbie occasionally stole a glimpse of the glamorous life via a magazine, but she always dreamt of fleeing to London and becoming part of the fashion industry.

From making her own clothes at school and selling them to the sixth formers, to slaving away in a sewing factory, Debbie always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her first runway experience at Clothes Show Live was the push she needed, as this was the moment Debbie decided she had to make her dreams a reality.

This is a real life 'Devil Wears Prada'. It's written from the heart, and gives an insight into the life of a determined northern lass, who would stop at nothing to get to where she needed to be.
Despite all the adversity she faced,

Debbie transformed herself into a couturier to the stars, featured in vogue, famed for her opulence and crowned world's most expensive designer.

You wont find any name dropping or pretentiousness, it's a straight to the point account of her battle to make it in the fashion industry. It begins with the tale of an inexperienced young girl chasing her dreams in the big city, then goes into the musings of a well respected business woman and her transformation to an established marketer, in both the haute couture and pastry world.

This autobiography features hilarious highs and soul destroying lows, written in what some would call a northern dialect. Whilst it may have the odd faux pas, it's a book for anyone who has a dream. You don't have to be from the fashion, pastry or luxury sector to get into this, you don't even need a northern accent! It's a roller coaster ride of determination that will ignite that fire within you and push you to make your own dreams a reality.